The Vincenzo Agnetti Archive is an association established with deed 37663/4190 on 12 March 2015 thanks to the initiative of the Agnetti family. It is located in Milan at Via Machiavelli 30, in the artist’s studio, a place imbued with memories and the fascination of creativity.

The founding members of the archive are his daughter Germana Agnetti and grandson Guido Barbato, respectively president and secretary of the Vincenzo Agnetti Archive. The Archive also has an Advisory Committee, an important consultation body, composed of:

- Bruno Corà, art critic, one of Agnetti’s close friends, and president of the Burri Foundation;

- Marco Meneguzzo, art critic and professor at the Accademia di Brera;

- Giorgio Verzotti, art critic and professor at NABA in Milan.

The Archive is a venue for scholars and its heritage consists of the conservation, acquisition and scientific cataloguing of the documentation on the artist’s work and life so it can be accessed by both a national and international audience. Therefore, it promotes the collection, publication and circulation of the works, writings, documents, information, testimony, news and any other material regarding the artistic production and life of Vincenzo Agnetti.

The Archive is also an exhibition venue, a space for ideas, proposals, initiatives and research developed along the same wavelength as Agnetti’s thoughts and insight.

To achieve these goals, the following activities – constituting the main objective of the archive – are considered essential:

  1. authentication, archiving, conservation and cataloguing of the works of Vincenzo Agnetti, as well as his writings, documents, information, testimony, news and any specifically related material;
  2. publication of a general catalogue of Agnetti’s works;
  3. promotion of congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, publications on the works and concepts he introduced to the art world, organization of shows, conference and debates;
  4. collaboration, participation in or sponsorship of congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and any activity organized by third parties (such as museums, foundations, major private collections) revolving around the artistic production and life of Vincenzo Agnetti;
  5. consultancy on the works and material attributed to Vincenzo Agnetti, undertaking any necessary action – legal or otherwise – against any fakes or forgeries of the works and material ascribed to him.